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  1. Hey guys, since nobody will trade I will sell 2 Saltars. 34,000r for one Saltar.
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  2. o.o 1k cheaper than /shop? I see what you did there
  3. ill trade you my incitatus for one of your saltars
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  4. Deal, where to meet?
  5. Also the Saltars are White Horses.
  6. "random appaearance" does that say anything to you?
  7. Did you see the orginal post? When the horses are stabled or egged they remain the same horse.
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  8. What he was saying, is that when you first place the promotion horse, it gets a random appearance. not all saltars look alike.
  9. Mine do :)
  10. sorry forgot to check , I can meet you anywhere just give me a res number
  11. 8700 Here now. SMP4
  12. going now