[SELLING] Residence 10503 [CLOSED]

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  1. I am selling a residence, 10503 on smp5, for at least 20k, post below offers.

    EDIT: Price dropped to 20k
  2. Anything special about the res? If I was able to check out the res, I would. :)
  3. Don't think so... Just checked it out, doesn't appear to be anywhere/anything special but I might be wrong :p
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  4. I had a look at the res. It is not by spawn and the number isn't a really easy to remember one, why is the price so high may I ask? :confused:
  5. Nothing really special i started building a stone thing on it but never finished
  6. By 'selling' a residence you are only unclaiming it and allowing someone to claim another in its place. Anything currently on the residence would not be retained after this, therefore residences are generally only sold if they are in a special location or have a good address :)
  7. You do know, when the res is unclaimed it deletes the stuff on it..

    Why wouldn't someone just do /v open and claim?
  8. When i mean selling i mean giving them admin so its practically a extra res
  9. You can't sell flags... Not legally, as far as I have heard.
  10. ^^^
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  11. Im not really selling them flags, i am letting them use that res for whatever their heart desires
  12. It is still technically selling flags though :p
  13. You are selling them access to the res. Access can only be done via your account or flags, so you are either selling your account or flags, both of which aren't allowed.
  14. Thread closed as requested
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