[Selling] Res 505

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  1. Reasons to buy 505: Right next to DeFluxers old mall, Right next to 405 AlexChance's mall, Decent res number, and I'll sell it for less than 50k :p

    Please PM me with offers or post down below.

    (I am NOT selling flags to res 505, when someone buys 505 we will discuss when I should unclaim it for them)
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  2. Tell Deemideem about this he will be interested
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  3. Will do, Thank you.
  4. Man is this becoming a business ? residence selling? :p
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  5. I've only ever seen it done with spawn resses.
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  6. i see them sold constantly :p
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  7. I'm picking up where salesman200 left off :p
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  8. Wat? why i be intrested? :confused:
  9. Look at your signature...
  10. Selling reses is illegal according to Blackstone71
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  11. That would be incorrect...
  12. It's been done several times before, I believe.
  13. The selling of res flags is illegal, but selling to be unclaimed and claimed by another person is not illegal. Note that Courier notes at the end of the original post that he is NOT selling the flags but he is selling it so the buyer can claim it. This is fine. :)
  14. Yep, I've been through one of these. :p
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  15. Everyone Just Ignore it.
  16. Well dont ignore me trying to sell this res plz :p
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  17. no want res ;P
  18. The selling of reses is 'not' illegal.

    But the protection of being scammed is not monitored - so it is not 'recommended'

    The best way to do it is if someone is interested, you pm a senior staff or admin so that way it can be checked that the seller has the money and the buyer has the residence....

    If you straight up unclaim it, and the other claims the res and doesn't pay... nothing can be done about it without proper evidence or without notifying a staff prior to doing so.
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  19. Oh, how nice it would be if I got an orangered each time I was mentioned...
    alas, I only came across this by reading the thread xD
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