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Discussion in 'Selling' started by jewel_king, Jan 11, 2020.

  1. Hey,

    I have these items for sale (many i have more than 1 of but im only listing 1 of each)

    EMC's 6th Birthday! (krysyy)
    Happy 6th Birthday EMC! (aikar)
    2019 new years Aikar Head
    2019 new Years Krysyy Head
    2018 pumpkin carving Participant
    2017 Purple Aikar Head
    2019 PPP krysyy head
    Aikar's Computer
    Aikar's Hothat
    Krysyy's Dancing Boots
    2020 new years Aikar Head
    2020 new years Krysyy head

    Weak Venom Extended
    Venom Extended
    Krysyy Head
    PurpleKrysyy head (normal)
    Holiday Pick
    Dark Red Freedom Blade
    Lucky Bow

    Feel free to send any offers :)
  2. How much are you valuing 2018 pumpkin carving Participant?
  3. i haven't seen a single one sell, my shot in the dark guess is 2m :)
  4. How much u sellin the krysyy head 2020 for
  5. how much would it cost for you to part with the computer
  6. Aikars Hothat?
  7. I'm a bit curious how much of these items are worth a lot, vs not as much as their older counterparts. (Example: 2014 Aikar heads vs 2019 Aikar heads.)
  8. 200-250k

    all gone
    it boils down to if people want it, if people already have it, and how many were released
  9. Ill buy the krysyy 2020 head if u still have
  10. still available, will mail once i receive payment :)
  11. Kk ill be on tommorw ill pay then
  12. how much u want me to pay for the head
  13. 225k?
  14. kk sent payment
  15. 2019 new years Krysyys&Aikar heads?