[Selling] Rare Residence

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  1. Hello I am selling 9990 on smp4.
    This res has a great number and could be used to have a nice mall/shop/build on it.
    Please Pm your offers on the forums
  2. Bump
    Great res here send me your offers any offers will do!
  3. How come it is rare?
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  4. Cant any res be used for a mall/shop ?...
  5. I believe it's because of the res number. :) malls with even numbers like this are easier to remember than others
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  6. It is just a number, it is the same as any other residence I have, Even numbers :p

    EDIT: And flat

    EDIT #2: ded
  7. I do not mean even numbers like 2 or 4. I mean numbers that are simple and repetitive. Tell me, how many times have you referred someone to a shop like todd's by saying 2000 rather than todd_vinton?

    No need to be salty because your res with nothing other than a VIEW of a shop was not sold. :)
  8. I'm over it

    I'm just saying, 2000 I understand is very rare. And very rare to get a res number with 2 or 3 or even 4 Zero's. But just one zero? Not to mention if the res is flat he isn't going to get ANYWHERE with just that, since he is putting the pricetag possibly high for imagination and a few hundred DCs of dirt that could be about 5K :p

    Just my mini rant
  9. I would like to inform you that the numbers 999 are repetitive. This is NOT being sold for the contents of the res. Must I repeat it?
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  10. Yep
  11. My god, his salt lol

    If my home server was smp4, I didn't already have a great spot, and the area was to my liking, I'd definitely offer quite a lot for this. :)
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  12. Enough

    Please keep this on topic. Either you are buying or you are not.
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  13. Bump
    Only looking for around 50-100k!
  14. id give 25k ;)
  15. Hmm would you care to discuss this in a PM?
  16. Before EthePuffle678 gets scammed here. Its costs both players 25k just to switch the owner {unless your gonna unclaim it} so you'd make nothing out of it, just loose a res
  17. O
    Ok thanks!
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  18. Bump!
    This is a great res here send me a Pm if your interested