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  1. So I've recently given up on my museum project so I don't need these guys anymore. I realize determining a price for these items will be difficult, but I'm sure we can negotiate a deal. If I don't find the right price for an item then I'll eventually end up auctioning them. Prices are not listed due to the rarity of the items. If you ask how much I'd sell an item for I'll reply with an absolutely ridiculous number. So, without further ado, here's what I'm selling:

  2. Can we do 22k for everything?

    I too want to make a museum but lack the rare things so please sell to me they could help.
    I can now do 25k

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  3. Tomsmasher, first of all, The Total worth of all these Items is way over 1,000,000r (1 million), So I doubt death would sell for 22k
    Also, try to keep your posts together in one, neat post
  4. Dude I know but like they say offer work You can and I am offering all that I can but hopefully he does want to still get a museum built for these things which I will attempt to do but first I must gather a lot of awesome items
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  5. how much are you thinking about for the plain aikar head?
    EDIT: I reread the post but I really have no idea what a plain aikar heads are worth so can you give me not super high number?
  6. PM sent on items :)
  7. Would you be willing to trade items?
  8. How much for the promo instructions?

  9. Any items not already spoken for I would be HIGHLY interested in. I will message you so that maybe something can be worked out.
  10. Bump!

    PM me if interested :)
  11. Bump

    PM me offers :)
  12. Bumparooni
  13. pm sent on the promo instructions
  14. Prices have been determined for 4 items