[SELLING] Random stuff...

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  1. I had some random stuff that I wanted to get rid of, but I didn't just want to throw it in lava. So here I am, selling it. Pic:

    I was thinking 35r, but I can negotiate.
  2. Is that obsidian or black wool?
  3. black wool penfold and i'll buy the 2 gunpowder for 13r each
  4. I'll buy the rest of the chest for 25r
  5. Black wool.
    The stuff I put up there is all I'm selling.
    If you're sure you don't want anything else I'll sell the gunpowder to you.
  6. i'll pay 1r for the arrow
  7. Yeah I know. I'll pay 25r for the entire thing minus the gunpowder.
  8. I sold the bones, lowering the price to 30r.
  9. Ok, where will we meet?
  10. Your res. Monday. Sending payment to you ASAP. I should get everything except the bones and gunpowder then.
  11. KK, I'm in smp9, and my res number is 19496.
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  12. 50r for seeds
  13. Oh geez. Totally forgot about this. Paying you now.
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  14. Pay me, I'll check my rupee history and if I'm not on I'll put up a perms sign for the chest with the stuff in it.
  15. I gave you perms on the chest where the stuff is. Pick it up anytime.