**[ Selling ]** Random Assortment of Items Compacted Into a D-Chest!

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  1. In case you didn't notice the **[ SELLING ]** part of the title, I am selling a random assortment of items all compacted into a Double Chest! This is NOT an Auction! :)

    Items that my not be clear too you in the screenshot :

    Music Disc C418 - Far x8
    Music Disc C418 - Mellohi x4
    Music Disc C418 - Blocks x2
    Power II Bow
    Power I Bow x2
    Unbreaking III Efficiency II Silk Touch I Diamond Pickaxe

    Full screenshot of all items being sold :



    Price for the double chest :
    10,000 Rupees

    Feel free to change the starting price and the best one, I will choose. :)

  2. Invalid auction, hurr durr
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  3. (-.-)/
    As stated above, not an auction, I'm trying too SELL all of this junk, please read before posting....

    As I posted above in the first post, NOT AN AUCTION, and in the title, it has the word "SELLING" .
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  4. And I was fully aware of that, hence the herp derp face...
    Clearly some jokes don't wash any more..
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  5. Hm…I really want to buy it…but I don't want to part with my rupees. 10K.
  6. Well you sir think and make sure your positive to take this steal ( wink wink )
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  7. Bump!
  8. I will buy it.
  9. I'll take the myulicum,potatos,slimeballs and, villager eggs
  10. Hehehehe.
  11. 10K?

    Once Xxandster makes his mind up, you will have those items if he declines! :)
  12. Yup i went afk due to my computer having a virus and when i finally got it fixed i had 70 somthing grand so i am feeling a little happy with my money.
  13. Alrighty then come to SMP7 #14664! :)
  14. Ok i payed and picked up. Thanks pig.
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