[Selling] RainbowChin PvP Head!

Discussion in 'Selling' started by Sachrock, Jul 24, 2016.

  1. I am selling 1 RainbowChin PvP Head for around 200k. I am mainly looking for rupees however if someone has good promos for trade i can also accept some promos. Please respond to this thread with an offer or pm me in game or on the forums
  2. Bump! Price reduced to 200k
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  3. i'll take it
    i'll pay later today

    EDIT: paid :)
  4. Due to me being on vacation I have limited wifi, I will mail it when I get a chance to.
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  5. I have acquired another RainbowChin PVP head, and is willing to sell for 200k :)
  6. *shakes fist* I'll give ya chin dirt it's worth so much
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  7. But Chin dirt is worth less than regular dirt, and you have around 100 differnt types Chin heads :p
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  8. It has been sold, sorry folks i guess i will have to get him again next time :p
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  9. SHUSH
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  10. Bump! I have received another one and I am selling them for 200k
  11. Once I check my rupee balance I may purchase it. It'll take like 2 minutes before I get on

    EDIT : Paid :)
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  12. Sold :)
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  13. How do you win all this? ????
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  14. I attend "Kill that chin" and i kill him :p
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  15. I usually end up killing myself when I attend PVP. :p
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