[SELLING] Quartz and Quartz ore in stock

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  1. i have some quartz and quartz ore in stock res 13028 smp 6
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  2. How the craft can you find quartz
  3. you have to walk more than 5000 blocks in the nether to generate new blocks
  4. Yeah i have 6 frames per second in the town 2 in wild and i dont even wanna try the nether D: i am using Travel PC
  5. theres no move perms
  6. Where is the nether do you find nether quartz?
  7. 5000 blocks out from any out post in the red undiscovered area
  8. I've found about 12 stacks of ore in about 2.5 hours about 6k blocks out.
  9. Question: Would you move 5-6k out from an outpost and then build a nether portal to get to the nether? Thanks for your information in advance.
  10. either your x or z coordinates In the nether have to be >6000 or <-6000
  11. Thanks qwerty189, I was able to find some. I had to dig a very long tunnel to the outer edge of the nether to find some though. I only got a stack and a bit right now. I will be improving my tunnel on each trip out there. Thanks for your help.
  12. Np. It was somewhat easy for me, because I already had a wither skele farm 4k blocks out, so I just extended my tunnel under the nether another 2k blocks, and used my farm as storage. :)
  13. Nice! I haven't been back to my Tunnel. I am going to wait for my Quartz to run out before making another trip up there. I am planning on laying some rail the next time I go.