[Selling] Quarts Ore/Coal ore For 1r a stack

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  1. Soooo As you read I've decided to give away some quartz ore And some Coal ore, Well I'm not giving it away I'm charging 1r per stack, Now this will be a first come first serve! So Get on the forums And comment, Just post something funny And the first 10 people to comment will be asked if they want to buy a stack of quartz ore or a stack of coal ore for only 1r! WOOO! Yeah :p
    When i get a comment i'll PM you online and show you where to go :D
    (Limit of 5 stacks of each to sell)
    Have fun i guess :p Remember I'm still selling it.. Sort of

    Let me also add.. If anyone needs to borrow an ore buster/holiday pick to use on the stack, just ask :p Thanks

    -Early Santa
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  2. Well, I would like all the quartz ore I can get my hands on, but isn't 1r per stack a bit too cheap?
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  3. Yeah i guess but yano... Being stupidly nice doent harm anyone :p Just let me know when you'd like to pick it up
  4. Ooh, ore + ore busters is delicious :D
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  5. Can i take some?
    If so Thanks so much for doing this, as quartz is so expensive now, :)
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  6. Can i have some pls
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  7. Sure thing
  8. I'll "buy" some quartz ore. :p
    Thanks. I assumed this was going to be some kind of trap...
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  9. It is... You come to my res, pay me, i kill you and keep the ore.. Ta da :p
  10. I would like to buy some please.
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  11. 'Buy' haha And i'm afraid theres only coal ore left But by paying 1r for a stack of coal ore you save like 500r or more if i'm right so it's still good and when you buy the coal ore i can throw in a stack of coal or quarts.. Item not ore
  12. Hmm I wonder if there is something left for me to "buy" :p
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  13. Sure is :p
  14. Quartz ore nom nom :p
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  15. Only coal ore left :( I can throw in a stack of normal quarts or coal though
  16. is there still quartz? (I think so) so I'll als "buy" some quartz
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  17. ooh i see (I was typing) coal is the same I'll "buy"some
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  18. When you can just come on smp3 6234
  19. Still quartz? Ill take 5 stacks if so :D
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  20. It does say only 1 stack :p And the quartz is all gone :( I still have coal though (coal ore)