Selling Quad Grinder!

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  1. Hey guys I am selling my Beloved Quad Grinder on Smp5 (Dont bother tracking I dont go on there no more).
    It contains 3x Cave spiders and 1 skele.
    1 Cave Spider has a crusher but the other two you smash via Bane of Arthropods swords (which is still in the chest).
    I have established a nether portal and a direct path there to spawn (hidden).
    Skele is the standard drop style.
    There is also a slime chunk somewhere.... as I saw a slime running at me before...
    Complete with melon farm too!

    I want 75k for this. Thanks

  2. 1k
    EDIT: I will get outbidded
  3. I don't think that this is an auction.
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  4. i offer 2k!!
  5. I just said no low balling.... 30k please.
  6. Like food said, this isn't an auction. He says PM him with a reasonable price (30k in the OP) if you are a non-supporter.
    If you are a supporter and can do /map hide post on this thread a price around 30k and he might sell it to you.....
    Hope this made sense
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  7. well its not but it is, people are trying to offer him the best price that he see's fit so in a way this is an auction
  8. lol be specific you said its worth about 30k not that your selling it for 30k.
  9. I want more than 30k...
  10. But just said 30k please im confused :/
  11. He did.
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  12. Bump! I want serious offers....
  13. 5k
    I'm serious about this.
  14. 50k plus... or dont bother
  15. Terry, I can't offer on this, but maybe if you posted some screen shots, and let people know more about what you are selling then they would be more likely to, well, offer?
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  16. Make sure to take the screen shot with Reis minimap open and F3.
    Remember,DON'T Cover up the Coords.
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  17. Gap... just no...