Selling PVP Aikar HEad [closed]

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  1. Hey guys,
    Selling an Aikar PVP head.
    Please keep offers in a pm.
    Thanks! :)
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  2. Wheat is neat.
    Do you know how many of these are currently in existence?
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  3. I actually don't no sorry :/
  4. I'll offer 500r
  5. I'll offer 600r! Ha!
  6. Please read before posting...
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  7. I was joking >_>
  8. Not many. I believe less than 10. :) How did you get this?
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  9. Swarmed Aikar with anyone else who was trying to get this in the PVP arenas.
  10. When? A few months ago?
  11. I don't even remember when but yes most likely
  12. Okay. In that case, I believe that that was the only time that he ever did this. Unless he did another one at some point, then there are only four of these in existence. :)
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  13. Better for me I guess. Thanks for the info never knew.
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  14. Happy to help. Again, there is a small chance that this is wrong, as I don't know if that's the only time Aikar decided to get suicidal. :p
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  15. mine wasn't an offer so that's why it wasn't in a PM. duh
  16. There were once five... I dropped it in town once by accident and some guy in starter gear picked it up... :(
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  17. Really? Maybe you were the fourth person. If Lucky got one and MrUnknownian got the second and third, then that leaves one. Somebody had to get the fourth. :p Or maybe you're just right about there being five. Stinks you lost it that way.
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  18. I assumed that when you said that there were four that you had three of them... :p
    I may have had the fourth or the fifth, as it happened right after the pvp arenas were introduced.
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  19. I have one, I'm pretty sure there are 6-7 out there.
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  20. I'm guessing that there were two different killings then, as I only remember four being given out in the first one, but I could be wrong. To be honest, it doesn't really matter, because it's still very rare either way. :p
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