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  1. Who did you sell the I-Day pants to?
  2. so how much for these?
    and do you have the 2014 empire firework
  3. Independence Head 750k

    Ghast Heart 10k

    Supporter Thank You 250k

    Which one do you mean? Empire Firework 4th of july or New years?
  4. i'll take the heart, and i didnt expect the head to be worth so much :/

    as for the fw i meant the 4th of july one

  5. I do have the Empire Firework 4th of july.
    Well since I don't see any I-Day Head sales any where I set my own price for the head. Based on the other I-Day gear and bundles.

    33k for the Firework
    10k for the Heart
  6. i'll pay right now :p

    edit: payed and ya, if it was the same price as the other pieces or close too i would have bought it
    but as i already have a head one, dont really feel like giving that much for one then :/
  7. If not sold. Can i view the head?
  8. Ghast heart and Spark. How much more both of em?
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  9. Both have been sold! Sorry!
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  10. All good!
  11. How much for:
    Freedom Blade (dark ver)
    Freedom Blade (DNC)
    Freedom Blade Bundle
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  12. Freedom Blade (Dark) 550k
    Freedom Blade DNC: 620k
    Freedom Blade Bundle: 500k
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  13. I'll buy the bundle for 500k, paid :)
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  14. Access chest set up for you on SMP1 10401!
    Enjoy :)
  15. I want both your haunted heads and headless horsemen heads. I can pay 40k for each item. PM me if you accept
  16. How much for the supporter thank you?
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