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  1. 7x Momentus's Toothpick 45k each
    5x Cupid's Bow (infinite) 10k each
    3x Feast for a King 10k each
    32x Cooked Turkey 500r each
    1x Dasher (unused) 45k each
    2x Magical Eggcellent Wand 20k each
    3x Taste The Freedom 2k each
    6x Avalauncher (2015) 40k each
    2x Headless Horseman Axe 30k each
    5x Labor Bench (2014) 10k each
    2x Holiday Candle 15k each
    1x Turkey Slicer (Turkey Drop) 45k each
    1x ESCD 40k each
    4x Blizz Ard Arm 30k each
    1x Blizz Ard Eye 30k each
    2x Blizz Ard Nose 30k each
    1x Stable Voucher 5k each
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  2. I'll take a Cupid's bow will pay when i get on
  3. All 5 labor benches are mine. And that stable vouhcer too :p

    Paid and reveiced, thanks! :)
  4. Sent
  5. And bought another 2 taste the freedom thingys, sent payment and received them, thanks! :)
  6. I still have items that can be sold. Don't let them go to someone else :p
  7. Can you do a Blizz Ard Eye and Arm for 50k total?
  8. I'll take 1 holiday candle, 1 feast for a king, 5 taste the freedom's and 1 headless horseman axe.
  9. I'll take all the cupid bows you have :)
  10. I guess I can :p, just pay and I will mail.
    That will be 50k... I will mail when payment is recieved
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  11. paid
  12. Sent
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  13. Meet Mr. Bump,
    The Cool kid on the street
  14. ill take an avalauncher. Ill pay when i get on. please mail it.
    EDIT: Paid :)
  15. You still have that bliz ard nose?
  16. Done
    Yes I sure do
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