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  1. Hello! Selling some promos here!
    Please PM me if you are if you are interested in any of these items:)

    1x Blizz Ard's Nose 40k
    4x Avalauncher 39k
    3x Marlix's Bow 25k
    1x Marlix's Boots 20k
    1x Mineral Mincer 60k
    1x Chicken Skewer 35k
    1x Iron Supporter Voucher 95k
    Not happy with the price? Some of the promo prices are negotiable:)
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  2. Bump! Dragon poop is gone!
  3. Pardon ignorance but what's an ore buster and mineral mincer
  4. Bump!
    An Ore buster is a promo, you could obtain the ore buster when we celebrated 60k members on the site. You can no longer obtain it, only by special events sometimes.

    Mineral Mincer, basically the same thing, we celebrated 100k members on the website:)
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  5. Going to follow this thread, there's some interesting stuff here. I'll let you know if I'm wanting to buy anything :D
    Padde is right, but remember, if you want more info then you can always use the Wiki :) There's the Wiki tab at the top of the forum page. I'll link you to the Ore Buster and Mineral Mincer this time, but remember it is there for you if you want to know what any custom items are!
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  6. Bump! Some prices have been updated! 1 Marlix bow sold and Marlix Leggings are out of stock
  7. Bumpers! Mineral Mincer price reduced!
  8. ive seen this alot... what is a "bump"?
  9. can I reserve for 35k? long shot i know but that's what I can afford
  10. A player can bump his OWN thread after 3 hours from last post on the thread. You "bump" because you want your thread on recently active threads, which leads to more players who can participate or see the thread.

    I'll send you a PM to discuss this:)
  11. Bump! A lot of the promos have been bought now! Some prices have been reduced!
  12. Are the Avalaunchers 2014 or the annual versions? I have enough of the annual versions but was wondering if there were and 2014 ones about :)
  13. Unfortunately these are the annual (with out a year date)
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  14. oh okie thanks!
  15. Bump! Ore buster price reduced
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