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  1. These are my extra promos that just sit in a chest doing nothing. They'll probably have a better use to you folks :p I'll only take offers and I'll negotiate the price if it doesn't sound right to me. Here they are:

    x6 Independence Day Firework (2014)
    x1 Independence Day Firework (2013)
    x1 Empire Firework (New Years 2013)
    x1 Empire Firework (4th of July 2014)
    x3 *Empire Firework* (New Years 2014)
    x1 Empire Firework (New Years 2012)
    x2 Stable Voucher
    x5 Vault Voucher
    x6 Labor Bench (2014)
    x6 Cupid's Bow
    x1 Lucky Bow
    x3 Holiday Candle
    x6 Spooky Egg
    x1 Headless Horseman Mask
    x2 Pot of Gold
    x4 Ham Hacker
    x4 Magical Eggcellent Wand
    x2 Dancer (used)
    x3 ESCD
    x2 Feast For a King
    x1 =-Cupid-= (used)
    x1 =-Cupid-= (unused)
    x1 Maxarias Head
    x1 Turkey Slicer (2014 mob drop)
    x3 Pi Pie
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  2. 30k for the Empire Firework (4th of July 2014) ?
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  3. How much for all holiday candle
  4. How about 16k each?
  5. how much the used dancer?
  6. Vault voucher?
  7. Honestly, I have no idea what the price is for that nowadays. Throw out an offer

  8. Are you willing to trade promos?
  9. How about 15,000r total for both used Dancers?
  10. Lol, no offense but that's like really bad.
  11. If anything it's a bit low not "really bad". Used promos go for fractions of what normal promos go for and a normal unused dancer goes for around 30,000r so of course it's not going to be a ton. Also the offer was for the player selling the promos, deathconn. Thanks for your input though... :p
  12. How much for one spooky egg?
  13. Lol, I'm just saying for deathconn. I don't want him to get ripped off. While I totally do know and agree that used promos are worth less, they aren't worth 1/4 the original price.
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  14. Yall stop with da Drama -.-

    How much for the Labor Bench and Pot of Gold?
  15. I know my promo prices (most of them) and that's way too low.

    25k? Not sure how much they're worth
    18k for labor bench and 25k for the pot of gold. I'm up for negotiation
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  16. How much are you exactly asking for then?

    Edit: I didn't mean to offend anyone with my offers, it just seems I don't know all my promo prices =P
  17. Okay, paying now for the spooky egg :)

    Edit: paid, please mail ^^