[Selling] Promo's

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  1. 1x Feast for a king - 38k ea
    1x Used Dancer - Make offer
    1x Pi Pie - Make Offer
    1x Vault Voucher - 12k ea
    14x Cooked Turkey - Make Offer
    33x Pot of Gold - 17k ea
    2x Magical Eggcelent Wand - Make Offer

    I am located on smp1 at 2505 if you wanna talk about pricing and such in person.
    Bulk purchases on the Pot Of Gold's will get a discount
  2. I'll buy all your cooked turkeys for 6k and your pi pie for 8k. Mail them to me and I'll pay upon logging in.
  3. steamingFire i'd rather you pay first. I'll gladly sell them to you. I will setup a pickup chest at 2505 on smp1 upon payment.
  4. Okay, i'll be home soon and pay you then.
  5. I see that. Sorry went to lunch lol. Putting a sign up now.
  6. 30k for un used dancer?
  7. I suppose the Pi Pie is not available anymore? I'm offering 10k as it is still on the list in the original post but if you have sold it then no worries! :)
  8. @banditLM it says used. I will try to find the edit button to say which items are unavailable.
    The cooked chicken and the PI are gone.
  9. Can I get 14k for the Pot?
  10. My bad, would you take 20,000r for the dancer?
  11. Yes I would. Pay first and as soon as im available i'll setup a pickup sign.

    Sorry, thats too low
  12. paid for the 1 dancer :)