[SELLING] promos

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  1. gold supporter vouchers
    diamond supporter vouchers in stock discuss prices with timberjack
    iday armor sets 180k per set
    2014 empire firework
    2014 ham hacker
    magical eggcellent wand
    dragon poop
    super dragon poop
    taste the freedom
    icc flesh
    2014 b day cake
    icc skin
    feast for a king
    headless horseman mask
    2014 labor bench
    turkey slicer
    and many more come check them out at res 1017 and 1018 smp1
  2. still quite a few left get them before there gone :)
  3. Ya still got the Turkey sword or Freedom Blade?
  4. Do you have avalaunchers?
  5. I have a turkey slicer and my freedom blade just sold and sorry no avalaunchers
  6. So how much for that rememberance poppy in the chest?
  7. pm me ingame and we can discuss prices :D
  8. still have a few left come check them out :)