[Selling] Promos

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  1. List of Promos for Sale
    Turkey Slicer - 1
    Holiday Pick - 2
    Maxarian Head - 2
    Haunted Head - 1
    2013 Empire Fire Work - 2
    Magical Eggcelent wand - 1
    Labour Bench - 1
    Rudolph - 1
    Nether Hound - 1
    Vault Voucher - 2
    ICC birthday voucher - 2
    Stable Voucher - 2
    ICC Skin - 1
    ICC Flesh - 1
    Lucky Bow - 3
    Cupid Bow - 1
    Book of Colours - 1
    Full set of Starter Armour - 1
    Getting Started book - 1

    Either shoot me a PM or post on the thread with offers. First come first server, enjoy :)

    (I can mail it to you if needed)
  2. How much for the Aikar head, turkey slicer, and I'll do 8k per max head
  3. Aikar Head make an offer, turkey slicers around 20k and Max head ill sell for 8k.
  4. how much for the aikar head?
  5. Still trying to find a price on it.
  6. I have no idea what it's worth so I'll throw out 40k?
  7. Last bump before I close the thread.
  8. soo that firework .... what will be the cost for one?
  9. ill take the turkey slicer
  10. I would like to get around 20k for them.
    22k sound good?
  11. I'll do 2k for all starter stuff
  12. would i be able to reserve one?
  13. How much for the cupid bow?
  14. Yes of course :)
    12k sound good?
  15. How much for cupids bow or book of colours or the lucky bow
  16. Netherhound? General range?
  17. Sorry for the late reply i just noticed the post now :confused: and yea sure
    All the prices i would like to get around that area. Cupid around 11k, lucky bow around 30k and book of colours around 22k
    Somewhere past 25k