[Selling] Promos & Rare Items

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  1. If anyone needs one of these for their collection let me know:

    [Will Trade for Bullet Proof Vest or the promo Horses]

    3x Ham Hacker - 40k
    2x Emergency Snow Clearing Device - 40k
    1x Freedom Blade - 40k
    1x 2014 Birthday Cake - 40k
    4x 2014 Labor Bench - 20k SOLD OUT
    2x Holiday Candle - 40k
    2x Avalauncher - 400k
    2x Dancer - 120k
    1x IceCreamCow Skin - 10k
    1x Cake Parkour Event voucher - 15kSOLD OUT
    2x 2014 New Years Empire Firework - 30k
    2x 2014 Independence Day Firework - 30k
    1x 2013 Independence Day Firework - 30k
    2x Rememberance Poppies - 10k
    154x Taste The Freedom steak - 4k
    195x Cooked Turkey - 4k
    1x 2013 Holiday Pick (slightly used) - 30kSOLD OUT

    2x Haunted Candy - Bone - 1k
    12x Haunted Candy - flesh - 1k
    4x Haunted Candy - spidereye - 1k
    3x Haunted Candy - enderpearl - 1k
    13x Haunted Candy - gunpowder - 1k

    If you don't like the prices then message me privately to discuss, if you choose to comment publicly on this thread then I'll report the post. It's just a rude thing to do.
  2. I'll take x3 Feast for King and x10 Cooked Turkey
  3. Sorry, I'm confused is the price per or for all of them?
  4. It's for each.
  5. I am interested in a feast for a king and a cooked turkey. My problem is that I cannot access my computer/go online. I would be very up to buy it if I could. I would want to ask if you could hold on to it. If not I understand. :)
  6. yeah i'll hold one of each for you
  7. all quantities have been updated
  8. I'll take the last Feast For A King, hold it for me, and I'll pay tomorrow night.
  9. All quantities have been updated.
  10. Sorry I couldn't pay tonight the 20k for the Feast Paper, I'll pay as soon as possible, please continue to hold it for me.
  11. 20k sent for Feast For a King Paper, thank you! Mail please.
  12. item has been mailed

    All quantities updated
  13. Hey Im back on EMC, I paid you the 22k, mind mailing it? Thanks!
  14. Sorry LuckyPat but the Feast For A King papers are all gone so I refunded your rupees.
  15. May i buy a spooky egg? :)
  16. sure, send payment and i'll mail it to you
  17. Okay thanks, i won't be able to get on till friday though. :)
  18. I've had a few people message me either here or in-game saying they want items and obviously I don't have enough for everyone so the first person to actually send the rupees gets the items. If more than one person sends money for an item then it goes to the one who was first and I'll refund the others.

    I must say that I'm puzzled as to why people will say they want an item and then can't pay immediately, it just causes confusion. Maybe if Aikar made it so rupees could be exchanged via the website as well as in-game that might help.
  19. The reason i cannot pay immediately is because I won't be able to get on my PC till tomorrow :(
    This is why i would love the idea of being able to pay through the site. Sorry if I've caused any inconvenience. I can pay now through the mc chat app or whatever it is called, i just realised that i can do that -mail fee will be added :)
  20. Item has been mailed Deadmaster98, thanks!

    original list updated with quantities