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  1. Unused Promos:
    Meteor Bow -- 15k
    Feast for a King x2 -- 6k each
    Vault Voucher x2 -- 9k each
    Avalauncher (2015) x4 -- 90k each
    Soulbound Torch x53 -- 5r each
    Soulbound Bread x12 -- 5r each

    Slightly Used Promos:
    Cupid's Bow -- 12k
    Starter Sword -- 700r
    Starter Pickaxe -- 700r
    Starter Axe -- 700r
    Starter Shovel -- 700r

    Very Used:
    Starter Chestplate -- 100r

    Just reply to this thread saying which ones you want :)
  2. I will take all 3 vault vouchers for 27k :)
  3. Okay. Will mail after payment confirmation.
  4. Will take all these please. 570r being sent now. Can you mail? I will pay for mail.

    EDIT: Sent 570r + 100 for mail fees.
  5. sent :)
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  6. Paid! Thanks for reserving them for me.
  7. sent :3
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  8. Bump, lowered prices.
  9. I have more vault vouchers and soulbread bread to sell :3
  10. Bump.
    Good prices :3
  11. I'll take one vault voucher, paying now:)
  12. Got it thanks!
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  13. Update: Lowered stable voucher prices (again)
    Other items have already had their prices lowered to underpriced/low end.

    If no stable vouchers sell tomorrow, i'm going to sell them to shops buying them xD
  14. Okay, stable vouchers are going to stock another store now xD
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.