{Selling} Promos and Rares

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  1. Hey EMC,

    I am selling the following items, just offer how much you are willing to pay on the forums or in game....

    -Independence Day Boot Chest (Unopened) x2
    -Independence Day Helmet Chest (Unopened) x1
    -Remembrance Day Poppy 2014 x1
    -4th of july 2014 Firework (Independence Day) x2
    -4th of july 2014 Firework (EMC) x2
    -4th of july 2015 Firework (EMC) x2
    -EMC New Years 2014 Firework x2
    -Avalauncher (New Version) x15

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  2. What is the -V-Day Chest (Unopened) ? :p
  3. Valentine day Chest
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  4. So a Cupid's Bundle?
  5. Ohhh xD Here I'm thinking there was a Valentines Day Chestplate :D
  6. Lol yes sorry. Made the list on 1 hour of sleep haha
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  7. How much is the blizzard nose?
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  8. Offer?
  9. I suck at offers >_>
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  10. Are you online?
  11. Nerp.
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  12. Would 100K be a good offer for ya?
  13. Huh? There's a chest for every single iday armor/gear? Not just 1 chest that held everything?
  14. Oh really ? I joined after Independence Day so I didn't know.
  15. I was asking, not stating.
    Hey Finch, could you use the proper names of the promos you're selling so your list is more... Readable?
  16. This is not an auction.
    One chest per item not all.
    Yes I will try on cell so may be a bit hard bit I will try. Oh and can't use colours on cell hehe
  17. Okay, I sent you a PM.
    However, according to the wiki, an IDay Blade (chest or item) does not exist...?
    Did you mean Freedom Blade Chest?... Or IDay Chestpiece Chest...?
  18. Yes it is a freedom blade,

    And reply sent