[Selling] Promos and everything you need!

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  1. I've got everything you need, everything you want, and everything else too!

    I am selling:

    • Two 2014 Turkey Slicers!(40k)

    • 370 Cooked Turkey!(1K)

    • Eight Feast for a King!(28k)

    • Three 2014 Birthday Cakes!

    • One 2014 Labor Bench!

    • Two fourth of july 2014 Fireworks!

    • One fourth of July 2013 fireworks!

    • one 2014 headless horseman mask!(30K)

    • One I-day Chestplate(not in chest)

    • Two I-day Pants(In chest)

    • One I-day Boots(In Chest)

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  2. how much for the iday pants and boots chests
    i would like them :p
  3. Offer =D
  4. 120K
    is think thats close :p
  5. I'll offer 121k for the boots and pants chests :mad:
  6. Can I get the cooked turkey please
  7. 130k
    you not taking this of me deathconn :p
  8. Sold!

    still plenty of stuff for sale! get it while it lasts!
  9. Nine hour bump
    interesting fact: nine hours is the maximum you're supposed to sleep each night. Too much sleep can cause depression, weight gain, and liking muppets..
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  10. So that is why I like the Muppet s. :p
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  11. mid-morning bump..
    interesting fact: I.....am tired....
  12. Just a interesting-fact-less bump