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  1. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Stable Voucher: 10k SELLING
    Vault Voucher: 9k BUYING
    EMC Treasure Voucher: 130k SELLING
    IcecreamCow Cake Parkour Event Paper: 15k BUYING
    Promo Instructions: 130k BUYING
    Instructions: 15k BUYING
    Diamond Supporter Voucher: 300k BUYING

    Gold Supporter Voucher: 200k BUYING
    Iron Supporter Voucher: 80k BUYING
    Feast for a king: 25k SELLING
    Perm protection: 500k BUYING
    Max res upgrade: 500k BUYING
    Purple people party paper: 500k BUYING

    60k Items
    Big Daddy Helmet: 160k SELLING
    Bullet Proof Vest: 140k BUYING
    Cactus Pants: 140k BUYING
    Feather Falllling Boots: 140k BUYING
    Turfinator: 150K BUYING
    Ore Buster: 150k BUYING
    Flaming Mob Launcher: 150k BUYING
    Everlasting Axe Stopper: 140k BUYING
    Event Items/Fireworks
    IcecreamCow Skin: 7k SELLING
    IcecreamCow Flesh: 7k SELLING
    Aikar's Destroying Drop Party Head: 100k BUYING
    Valentines Gift 2012: 100k BUYING
    Valentines Gift 2013: 100k BUYING
    IcecreamCow Valentine Head: 200k BUYING
    Aikar Signature: 500k BUYING
    New Year 2014 Firework: 16k SELLING
    New Year 2013 Firework: 20K SELLING
    New Year 2012 Firework: 41k SELLING
    2014 July Empire Firework: 15k BUYING
    2013 July Empire Firework: 20k BUYING
    2014 Independence Firework: 20k BUYING
    2013 Independence Firework: 20k BUYING
    EMCCon Head: 500k BUYING
    Cows canvas head: 500k BUYING
    Icecreamcow eggnog: 1mill BUYING
    Aikars PvP head: 100k BUYING
    A piece of pyramid: 900k BUYING
    Maxarias Boots: 100k BUYING
    Blizz ards nose: 250k SELLING
    T virus vaccine: 90k SELLING
    PvP Krysyyjane head: 200k BUYING
    PvP RainbowChin head: 150k
    Udder Justice sword: 3mill BUYING
    Arena longbow: 1.5mill BUYING
    Arena Blade: 250k BUYING
    New second chance book: 14k SELLING
    Voters block: 125k BUYING
    2013 cake: 300k BUYING
    Holiday message: 150k BUYING
    Empire Helmet: 900k BUYING
    Empire chestplate: 900k BUYING
    Empire leggings: 900k BUYING
    Empire boots: 900k BUYING
    Horse ManEwwEr: 500k BUYING
    Dragon poop: 40k SELLING
    Super dragon poop: 40k SELLING
    Incitatus: 120k BUYING
    Valens: 120k BUYING
    Saltar: 120k BUYING
    Rudolph: 60k BUYING
    Holiday Pick: 80k SELLING
    Cupids Bow: 25k SELLING
    Lucky Bow: 20k BUYING
    Labor Bench 2013: 25k SELLING
    Labor Bench 2014: 12k BUYING
    Ham Hacker: 25k SELLING
    Remembrance Poppy: 10k BUYING
    Headless Horsemask: 14k BUYING
    Haunted Head: 16k BUYING
    2014 Cake: 13k SELLING
    Independence Helmet: 45k SELLING
    Independence Chestplate: 45k SELLING
    Independence Leggings: 40k BUYING
    Independence Boots: 45k SELLING
    Freedom Blade: 20k BUYING
    Taste The Freedom: 2500r SELLING
    Magical Eggcellent Wand: 10k BUYING
    2013 Turkey Slicer: 38K BUYING
    2014 Slicer: 55k SELLING
    Maxarian Head: 15k SELLING
    Emergency snow device: 40k SELLING
    Holiday candle: 20k SELLING
    Dancer: 40k SELLING
    Avalauncher: 200k BUYING

    Mob Drop's/Misc.
    Book Of Colours: 90k SELLING
    Netherhound: 50k BUYING
    Dirt Destroying Ticking Tock: 45k BUYING
    Momentus Toothpick: 80k BUYING
    Marlix Bow: 60k BUYING
    Marlix Helmet: 50k BUYING
    Marlix Chestplate: 50k BUYING
    Marlix Leggings: 40k BUYING
    Marlix Boots: 40k BUYING
    Dragon stone fragments: 2100r SELLING
    Cooked turkey: 700r SELLING

    New and UPDATED Thread on about what I'm buying and selling, If you want to also sell things to me, please send me a private message on forums, or find me in game, and for me selling, list ABOVE so please also private message me if you want something. and this shop is at 18824 on smp9 if you wan't to take a look at it.

    Thanks BT :D
  2. i will take Aikar's Shiny Head
  3. I will get on soon for you :)
  4. Not be rude, but there was a typo on ICC Flesh
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  5. I'd like a Taste the Freedom please.
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  6. Coming on now
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  7. Payment of 1.6k please
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  8. Paid, thanks!
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  9. Awesome. cheers
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  10. UPDATED This a lot :D
  11. Got a few more bits and bobs :)
  12. Tried to sell some 60k stuff but it says Shop item not recognized. What does that mean xD
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  13. Send me what it is your trying to sell and ill pay you
  14. it would be big daddy helmet and feather boots but , you are not on at the moment D:
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  15. Thats ok send me the stuff and ill pay when im on
  16. Is this all buying? or are you selling some stuff also?
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  17. Might you be interested in a half-trade-half-payment for the dragon egg? Like, I give you a bunch of promos plus 300k?
  18. Buyinf/selling but most of it on list is buying
  19. Im buying the egg not selling