[SELLING] Promo & Rare Item Collection

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  1. I don't have prices for all of these yet but I'll fill them in as I get them.

    Here is what I have for sale:

    Everything is single quantity unless noted otherwise
    I'd prefer selling these in bunches so anything that looks like it's part of a set, I probably won't sell individually

    Important Note
    I'd love for this stuff to go into a collection that will be on display for new players. I want it to be enjoyed, not resold (at least not immediately)

    Staff Heads
    krysyyjane9191 - 250,000 rupees
    chickeneer - 200,000 rupees

    (Prices based on this)

    Rare Items
    Diamond Referral Block of Clickyness (Dec 2014) - 250,000 rupees

    Marlix Gear
    Full Set of Marlix Armor - 400,000 rupees
    - Marlix's Helmet
    - Marlix's Armor
    - Marlix's Leggings
    - Marlix's Boots
    Marlix's Bow - 80,000 rupees (but would prefer to sell with the armor)

    2014 Birthday Cake - 20,000 rupees
    2015 Birthday Cake - 20,000 rupees

    Pi Pie - 20,000 rupees
    Magical Eggcellent Wand - 25,000 rupees
    Pot of Gold - 30,000 rupees

    Headless Horseman Mask (2014 Halloween) - 50,000 rupees
    Spooky Egg - 40,000 rupees

    Turkey Slicer (Thanksgiving 2013) - 50,000 rupees
    Turkey Slicer (Thanksgiving Turkey Drop) - 50,000 rupees
    Ham Hacker - 50,000 rupees
    Feast for a King - 27,000 rupees

    Labor Bench (2013) - 35,000 rupees
    Labor Bench (2014) - 25,000 rupees

    Emergency Snow Clearing Device - 25,000 rupees
    Dancer (2014 Holiday Horse Spawn Egg) - 50,000 rupees
    Avalauncher - 300,000 rupees
    3x Blizz Ard Nose - 400,000 rupees
    Holiday Candle - 15,000 rupees

    Cupid (Spawn Egg) - 25,000 rupees
    Cupid Bundle - 65,000 rupees
    Love Potion No.9 - 50,000 rupees
    Cupid's Bow - 25,000 rupees

    Lucky Bow
    Meteor Bow

    Promo Fireworks
    Empire Firework (EMC New Years 2012 Special Firework) - 60,000 rupees
    Independence Day Firework (4th of July, 2013) - 30,000 rupees
    Empire Firework (4th of July, 2013) - 40,000 rupees
    Empire Firework (New Years 2013 Celebration) - 40,000 rupees
    Independence Day Firework (4th of July, 2014)
    Empire Firework (EMC New Years 2014 Celebration)
    Empire Firework (4th of July, 2014)
    Independence Day Firework (4th of July, 2015)
    Empire Firework (4th of July, 2015)
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  2. I don't know if this matters but my Maxarian Head I have looks different than others I've seen.


  3. Ya I have the bottom one. Could the skin have been changed?
  4. I don't know but now I'm curious. Literally every Maxarian head I've seen other than my own looks like the bottom one. I wonder what the explanation is.
  5. I've updated some prices and marked off things that have sold.
  6. All of my Maxarian Heads look exactly like that. The latter must be a Maxarias' Head.
  7. yours look like what? the bottom one or the top one?
  8. I'll take both dragon poops I'll pay when I get on please mail them
  9. I'll take the rest of your 60k member items, messaging you now :)
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  10. once I see payment come through I can mail them
  11. I am VERY interested in quite a few of these. I am working on a museum build (in the planning stages), and do NOT resell my shiny items. I'll be in contact soon!
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  12. original post updated
  13. Is that Maxarian Head still available, and if so, at what price? :)
  14. first post has been updated :)
  15. Can i take the rudolph please?
  16. post updated again, thanks all
  17. in case you didn't know this the dirt destroying ticky tock SS sell for 60K
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  18. duly noted, thanks!
  19. Is the Rudolph used?