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  1. Edit:

    I am selling off everything I've got.* Come to /v 2020 to browse and buy.
    I've listed them here, but there are about 50 different things for sale, and the stock is changing, so no promises. I think the prices are reasonable, but feel free to make offers.

    Absolutely no system of organization, guaranteed. Some prices may be random numbers. *I've got some things I'm not selling.

    For Sale:

    Vault Voucher
    Stable Voucher
    Iron Supporter
    Gold Supporter
    Diamond Supporter

    Love Potion No. 9
    Cupid Arrow
    Cupid's Bundle

    Cooked Turkey
    2013 Turkey Slicer
    2014 Turkey Slicer
    Ham Hacker

    Holiday Message
    Holiday Candle
    Unused Dancer
    Used Dancer
    Blizz Ard Nose

    2014 Labor Bench

    Freedom Blade
    Taste the Freedom
    2014 IDay Firework

    Empire Firework NYE 2012
    Empire Firework NYE 2013
    Empire Firework NYE 2014

    Lucky Bow
    Ore Buster

    2014 EMC Birthday Cake
    krysyyjane9191's head
    BigDavie Autograph
    Spooky Egg
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  2. I'll take the nose. If you mail it, I'll pay once I get on :)
  3. Done. Thanks. :D
    Can I interest you in 3 more of them?
  4. I'll just take the 1 for now, thanks :)
  5. I'll take a Blizz Ard Nose as well please, 125,050r being sent over now (50 extra for mail) :)
  6. Received item, thanks! Good service :)
  7. can you hold on the holiday message for me
    i will pay you as soon as possible
  8. 14k for the vault vouchers XP thats for 20 right?
  9. Would you let the Holiday Message go for 150k?
  10. one question is that deathconn from doctor who??
  11. ...There's a deathconn in Doctor Who...?
  12. The supreme race of Dalek...
  13. The colorful Dalek
  14. I will buy the holiday candle for the 8k price.
  15. Sweet; I've set it in a shop chest at /v 2020, or you can just /pay and I'll /mail it.
    Thanks. :D
  16. Oops. I don't think so I have one left and the others went for 200k and 300k. Maybe if I can't get rid of it.
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  17. Would you be able to do 185 for the message?...
  18. I would do a Cupid and a Cupid bundle together for 70k :) that is what I have done lately
  19. I must have been ignoring alerts on Monday.
    Want to meet me half way at 192,500?
    How much of that is the pig? I'm not feelin' the total price, but maybe one or the other?