[SELLING] Pretty much all my stuff

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  1. So yeah I'm moving to the wild and I need to get rid of my stuff, don't want it sitting there to gather dust so... I'm giving it to someone but first! I'm selling all of the stuff I have tons of, this includes... Enchanted Books! Here's a long list of books I have and their quantities/qualities.


    11|Fire Protection|3|350
    2|Fire Protection|4|700
    9|Bane of Arthropods|4|300
    8|Feather Falling|4|500
    5|Projectile Protection|4|200

    I'll add more stuff as I make more lists, feel free to ask for any book and if you feel the price should be lowered (reasonably) then I'd be happy to talk. :)


    Here's some Items that I can sell as well.

    Item|Quantity|Price Per Stack|Price Per Item
    Sandstone|29 Stacks|75r per stack|1.1r per block
    Exp Bottles|3 Stacks|1024r per stack|16r per bottle
    Cow Eggs|5 Stacks|768r per stack|12r per egg
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  2. I'll buy all 4 blast protect 4. I will try to be on tomorrow. But if not possible I'll hopefully get a friend to hold on to them for me.
  3. Once you've paid I'll set up an access chest for you :)

    3 Blast Prot. = 1200r
  4. I'll take all of the normal protection books if possible :)
  5. Ill have the punch 2 book
  6. Why does punch 1 cost the same as punch 2 btw? (Ill take allthe punch books)
  7. Could i also have 3 projectile protection 4 books please, ill pay you when ilog on later
  8. They're yours :) let me know when you've paid. 14,000 for 7 Prot 4 and 14 Prot 3
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  9. Once you've paid they're yours :)
    I'm just trying to get rid of them I'll have no use for these out in the wild :) ( Do you want all of it or just the punch 2?)
    It's yours once you've paid :D

    3 Projectile Prot. IV + 1 Punch II = 1200r
  10. No looting?
    Awww... :(
  11. I kept all the:

    Looting, Efficiency, and Unbreaking :p
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  12. I'll take 3 x Feather Falling 4, all Infinity I, Silk Touch, Sharpness 4 books and 2 Blast protection 4 books, please :)
  13. All but the Blast protection 4 are yours for 5700r :D
  14. Okay, will transfer rupees now ^_^
  15. Access chest set up on 18646 at SMP9
  16. 1 Book per line:
    Fortune 3
    Infinity 1
    Silk Touch
  17. The Infinity and silk touch are no longer available but the Fortune 3 costs 700r :)
  18. Caught your payment, do you want me to put the access to Pugs or Plugs?
  19. Did you still want that fortune book?