Selling Potions, spawn eggs in bulk

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  1. Selling Potions for largish orders ranging from 1-100+

    Swiftness (all three brewing)
    Healing II
    Poison (extended)
    Strength (all types)
    Fire Resistance (extended)

    Potion Prices ranging from 2-7r enquire with me which potion costs.
    Fire Resistance will be 11-12r.
    Once an order has been completed, I'll send you instructions for you can pick them up
    I can also deliver but that could take longer.

    Am able to brew base potions as well

    How to order:
    Potion type:

    Also selling spawn eggs in bulk:
    What I'm selling:

    How to order:
    Animal type:
  2. How much are your mooshroom eggs?
  3. How much are they a piece and for a stack?
  4. PenFoldex: about 15-20r
    Zoebearfun: is this for potions or spawn eggs?
  5. how much for 2 double chests of healing potions?
  6. Quantity: 112
    Type: Healing potions (Are you able to make them 'splash', with gunpowder?)
    IGN: marknaaijer
  7. I AM able to make them with splash but will cost around 3r per potion more
  8. what are the prices for spawn eggs?
  9. So, what is the price for 112 healing splash potions?
  10. 784r with splash 448 without
  11. Prices are the normal prices haha (haven't researched them yet)
  12. Okay, that is my order
    Type: Healing potions
    Quantity: 112
    IGN: marknaaijer
  13. Splash or no splash??
  14. Potion type: Healing w/Splash
    Quantity: 500
    Deliver to: Res 3094, Smp 2.

    Will happily pay a delivery fee.

  15. Kk sure that could take a day that alright muffin jeez that's a lot of potions hahaha
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  16. WITH splash, forgot to say it
  17. magneto, I'm selling blaze rods at 1515, for 5r 1r cheaper then before :p
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  18. Mooshroom eggs.
    I will come and collect them.
  19. Are the eggs ready?