[Selling]Permanent Derelict Protection Voucher!

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  1. Have your wanted your residence to last forever? To be immortalized in EMC? Well this is the item you need! With a permanent derelict protection voucher you never have to worry about your residence going away, ever!

    Now, these things don't come cheap. Since a Diamond supporter voucher costs $20 USD and goes for about 400k on EMC, I am going to price this voucher at 1M rupees. To some this may seem steep. But this item costs $50 USD on the store. Many have 1M, and is that too much of a price to pay to be immortal?

    Please don't ask me to lower the price in the comments. Negotiations can be handled via PM. You can post offers though in the thread or through a PM.
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  2. I think samsimx is looking for 3 :)
  3. He's a forumer, he'll probably see this :)
  4. 1 Mil seems fair...I'm already Immortal on here luckily..thanks to someone.
  5. Bumping... Bump.
  6. I think 1 Million Rupee's is a Very Good price for this, as this protects your res's for ever. I don't need them as i used 4 of them, and have 2 spares :D. If you want to see what they look like visit 14006, I have one on loan there. But I am sure there are several people that would buy this.

    *** Hint: Very good for someone going to college or work for a while and wont be able to get on as much. ***
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  7. The only reason I respond is because I know you can use a 'bump' (and this is better) and because I'd like to share. There's no way I can afford this (only online for 2 days ;)) but I too would like to say that the price sounds very reasonable to me as well.

    Anyway; not for me yet. There's also no real need since I don't plan on leaving just yet :cool:
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  8. Glad to see people are interested :D
  9. why not see if Bloodra1n will buy it, to put it at their shop? there are every voucher but that there,