[Selling] Perfect Xpfarm for 1.3 Update

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  1. I am selling an xpfarm on SMP8.

    It is a 4x, 2 cave spider and 2 skele.

    Within 50 blocks of this 4x is a 5x that is half built. The 5x is all cavespiders.

    There is also a 3x close by that is unbuilt. The 3x is all cavespiders.

    You could essentially turn this into a 12x spawner. If you do, it's 10 cavespider, 2 skele spawners. This would be the biggest xpfarm ever on EMC.

    Purchasing this xpfarm will result in addiction to enchanting as EMC is on 1.3.1. Enchant your hearts out with the xpfarm.

    I am pricing this at 150k OBO, meaning that you can buy it flatout for 150k, or make an offer and I will decide to accept the offer or not.

    Disclaimer: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/guide-selling-mob-spawner-locations.9738/
  2. 30k :p
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  3. 75k
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  4. Drat.
  5. FYI: Best offer will also receive special documentation on spawner making, in which you can have 1 killpoint for all 12 spawners.
  6. 150k buyout is an amazing price for this.......

    Im surpriced no one have bought it yet.... Hurry up!
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  7. That's what I was thinking mate. :/

    Honestly I could see this going on auction for 400k+ but we can no longer auction them or use auction bonuses.
  8. Ill give you 2 Doublechests of slimeballs which is atleast worth 140k :)
  9. No thanks, slimes have become worthless recently. :p
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  10. I will raise my offer to 100k. Thestar19, you do realize that you have to have 3 accounts for this to work at the same time?
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  11. I have 3accounts :p
    And I already have an xp farm so I dont need it :p
  12. Spawner has been sold. Thank you <3
  13. Let me guess,mtp1997?
  14. Yeah, for 100k