[ Selling ] Ore Busters and More!

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  1. Title says it all,

    What I am selling.
    x2 Ore Buster - 350,000r (Or Best Offer)

    x1 2016 New Years Aikar Head - 260,000r(Or Best Offer)

    x2 Mineral Mincer - 55,000r (Or Best Offer)

    x2 Dragon Poop - 55,000r (Or Best Offer)

    x2 Super Dragon Poop - 58,000r (Or Best Offer)

    x2 Maxarian Head - 37,000r (Or Best Offer)

    x6 Pot Of Gold - 17,000r (Or Best Offer)

    x2 Vault Voucher - 7,700r (Final Price)

    x125 Golden Apples - Enchanted - 2,000r Each (Final Price)

    Comment down below if you are interested in any of these items. (You may also contact me in game or on the forums through a Private Message.) :)

    Items can also be purchased at 17442 on SMP8.

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  2. Bump. Somethings have sold.
  3. Bump! Considering lowering the prices. Taking PMs of best offers!
  4. Bump. These prices have changed:
    Ore Buster: From 400k Down To: 350k
    Mineral Mincer: From 58k Down To: 55k
    2016 New Years Aikar Head: From 350k Down To 300k.
  5. Bump! Looking like I might have to auction these. :(
  6. Bump! Still looking to sell all items listed. :)
  7. Aikar Head lowered to 260k! Get it before it is gone! :)