[Selling] One Diamond Supporter Voucher

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  1. I'm selling one Diamond Supporter Voucher. This can be redeemed to the EMC staff for a month of Diamond Supporter. If you're interested, please PM me on the forums or reply to this thread. Thanks! :D

  2. bump; I will sell this for 350k to the first person that wants to buy it
  3. Pity i'm poor.
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  4. I have a question. If you use the voucher. You get the Diamond supporter and the max reses. Once the 1 month runs out. Do you get to keep the 10 reses? or do they go away also?
  5. You keep the reses but once you unclaim one you must support again to claim that res again.
  6. bump; anyone? I see one going for 600k and one going for 400k on other threads; this one is going for 350k
  7. if you use the voucher, these things will happen:
    1. give you 1 permanent max capacity increase(this will stay, to my understanding, even though you are not a supporter anymore)
    2. give you 2 TEMPORAL max capacity res increases(this will be lost if you loose the supportership)

    refer to the following:
    and you also get all the diamond supporter perks <--- THIS IS A LINK

    I might be wrong with this
  8. That hasn't been in effect yet. Diamond supporters will get four residence slots and two max res upgrades can bring it up to six permanently if they redeem them while they're still a diamond supporter. Someone can buy this and two max res upgrade vouchers and get all six slots (then I believe it changes to 6/4 when that EULA stuff comes in)
  9. this has been sold; please close the thread :)