[SELLING] Obsidian

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  1. Hello everyone!

    I have recently mined some obsidian, and am now looking to sell it. I currently have 3 double chests in stock, which I'd preferably sell in amounts of single chests or double chests. Please pm me with or without a price suggestion if you're interested. :)

    Thanks! :)
  2. That was quick! 2 double chests sold already, 1 double chest left. I'll work on getting more soon. :)
  3. And the last double chest has been sold too! :) Don't worry though, I'll restock very soon. :) If you want, you can pm me to reserve the next single/double chest(s). :)
  4. Bump! Another DC in stock. :) Please PM me, or reply below if you're interested. :)
  5. Bump! I still have a DC of obsidian I'd like to sell. :)
  6. Bump! I have 2 double chests of obsidian ready to sell now! :)
  7. Bump! 2 DCs in stock, please send me a pm if you're interested in buying them. :)
  8. Bump! One double chest of obsidian left for now. :)
  9. Bump! 1 double chest in stock, PM me if you're interested. :)
  10. Bump, still a dc left! :)
  11. Bump! DC in stock. :)
  12. Bump! DC in stock. :)