Selling my promos!

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  1. So lately I've spent most of my money on random things I probably don't need so I am looking to sell all those random things :p If you are interested in the tiniest bit, I need to this money to purchase torian42's head ( selling here ) because I have always wanted one.

    This is the majority of promos I own, Ninjaboy5656 was nice enough to price everything out for me so please PM and offer first prior to me giving you a price.

    5x Cake parkour vouchers
    1x of each unused promo horse
    19x eggcellent wands
    2x netherhounds
    5x iday 2014 fw
    2x dragon poop
    12x Maxarian heads
    1x full marlix armor set
    10x lucky bows
    10x cupid bows
    2x sets of opened iday armor

    29x freedom blade chests

    6x freedom blades
  2. Could you price them all here?
  3. Courtesy of the infamous ninjaboy565, if you can't read something just blame him of course.
  4. I would take it all for 4,5mil :)
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  5. I'll buy an I-Day armour set for 20k...?
    Edit: That number's each ahah// I'll buy one set for 60k
  6. I see haunted heads being sold for 15-25 k and labor benches sold for under 13 k
  7. Ill buy 1 ICC Bday Voucher please.
  8. I would also like to b uy 1 ICC B-Day Voucher for 5,000 rupees. :D
  9. /shop still sells for 15k a piece :p
    Mailed, please send payment. :)
  10. I'll take a dragon poop
  11. waiting on someone to reply to a PM then I have to PM Mr chance back, after I get a response I will let you know.
  12. Done, thank you! :D
  13. Paid.. thanks so much
  14. Someone just offered to buy it for 1 Mil on the thread :(
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  15. Sold this stuff to Alexchance, if anyone else wants anything now please PM me

    10x eggcellent wands
    11x stable vouchers
    5x vault vouchers
    1x 2012 firework
    4x new years 2013 fw
    5x iday 2014 fw
    1x iday 2013 fw
    2x flaming mob launchers
    1x turkey slicer
    2x holiday pick
    2x ore busters
    1x ever lasting axestopper
    2x feather fallllling boots
    3x rudolph
    9x haunted heads
    3x labor benches
    10x lucky bows
    10x cupid bows
    1x sets of opened iday armor
    1x sets of iday armor in chest
    10x freedom blade chests
    3x Empire firework iday 2014
    10x freedom blades
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  16. I would Like to buy 2 Marlix Bows for 80k total please.
  17. I'll buy a Dragon poop.
  18. Also the Incitatus.
  19. I would Like 2 Marlix Bows Please.
  20. Updated list.