[Selling] My promo collection

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  1. 1x 2016 Cupid's Bow - 10k
    1x Vault Voucher - 9k
    1x Holiday Candle - 10k
    5x 2015 EMC Birthday Cake - 10k each
    1x Cooked Turkey - 500r
    1x 2015 Remembrance Poppy - 15k
    1x Headless Horseman Axe - 15k
    1x Spooky Egg - 40k
    1x Unspawned Cupid - Taking offers
    1x Super Dragon Poop! - Taking offers
    5x Feast for a King - 10k each
    1x ICC Skin - 2k
    1x Magical Eggcellent Wand - 10k
    1x 2015 Labor Bench - 10k
    1x 2015 Birthday Cookie - Taking offers
    1x Avalauncher - 20k each
    1x 2015 New Years firework - 15k
    72x Dragon Stone Fragment - 2k each
    14x Dragon Stone - 5k each
    1x Sharpshooter - 20k
    1x Marlix's Armor - 12k
    1x Iron Supporter Voucher - 90k
    1x Gold Supporter Voucher - 190k
    1x Cupid Bundle - 60k
    1x Trick or Treat Bundle - 60k
    1x Unused ESCD - 35k
    1x Maxarian Head - 45k
    1x Pi Pie - 10k
    1x Unused Momentus's Toothpick - 12k

    PM me in game or on the forums to barter or buy! :)
  2. I'll take the holiday candle for 10k please.
  3. Alrighty, pay and I'll mail :)
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  4. I will pop on in the morning it pay. Will include mail fees. Thanks :)
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  5. I'll take 2 vault voacher for 15k?
  6. I only have 1.
  7. I'm not changing the price, it's 9k.
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  8. Paid
  9. Can I have the 2015 Labor Bench please? :D
  10. Yes you can. Send payment and I'll mail c:
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  11. Payment sent! :D (sorry for being so late, I kinda forgot about this :p)
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  12. Is all good. Mailed the promo. ;)
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  13. Received, thanks! :D
  14. Bump! Promos added!
  15. Cooked torkey pls
  16. Bump! Updated my list
  17. Ill take the headless horsemen axe please. Ill pay as soon as I get on :)
  18. It's in a chest at 18481 waiting for you to buy. :) Click on the promo shop tp
  19. Cant seem to find it. Did someone buy it? :(
  20. I think someone did. Sorry bud :)