Selling my plot on SMP4. SUPER close to the spawn.

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  1. post here or message me to place an offer.

    ill sell it to the highest bidder and will keep the offers p to date on this thread

    the plot is 8009 on SMP4. its within view distance of the inital spawn if you play on far.
    its litteraly 2 plots from the spawn

    i wont go below $5000.
  2. This is not allowed.
  3. This is so not allowed.
  4. 8009 sounds.... :confused:
  5. Errrr.... Sorry you can't sell it.
  6. Plots are not able to be auctioned via the website. If someone wants to pay you to unclaim the lot so that they can claim it, then they must private message you and it all must be handled via pm. Please note: you must UNCLAIM the lot. The selling of land for use only is prohibited.

    Closing thread now.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.