[Selling] My Mall On Utopia

Discussion in 'Selling' started by belac555, Feb 11, 2019.

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  1. Hey guys so i just made a big freaking mall on utopia to use but know i have a skyscraper to use so i am selling it

    Posted all the pictures i took please pm me with an offer
  2. Where is your skyscraper?
  3. smp2
  4. It's a very big build big enough for most items you'd want to sell it also comes with a secret storage area
  5. Sooooo, gimmie the details here:
    If sold, are you selling the whole residence, or just the build?
  6. The entire residence will be yours

    I will take all my supplies off of it
  7. kk! I was thinking of getting it but I realised: Yo your not rich ur only a gold there calm down Frap girl
    (And my alts are regulars so they cant get a res in utopia)

    Anyways I love your residence! Hope your mall on smp2 goes well :)
  8. Thanks!
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  9. wool and wood with some glass. Can I make an offer of 40k
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  10. Also stone slabs out the wazoo and glowstone and iron blocks

    I was thinking quite a bit more
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  11. cost me total over 300k plus it's a utopia res hoping to get at least 500k for it
  12. 1r cus we're friends
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  13. -1r
    luv ya <3
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  14. -2 ha
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  15. Is it a spawn res or anything like that?
  16. No it's not the res number is /5728 i believe
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  17. 500k! Thanks but no thanks, I'll pass. I probably have enough material stored up to build this but I'd use sandstone instead of the wool and I'd make the rooms to sell stuff in bigger with a wider doorframes. Good luck to you though.
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