[SELLING] My last book to EMC.

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  1. Well, I am selling this book that I have personally signed, for samsimx's upcoming Gold Farm project, because, well, he's my friend. Here's the link to his project: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/gold-farm-wild-project-and-city-help-the-project.26175/
    2013-06-09_21.30.10.png Considering the price, I've only signed around 5 books (3 were thrown away), I'd like the price range to be above 10k, samsimx really needs the money for the supplies he is gathering.

    So their isn't confusion, don't pay me until I personally give you the book, so we can all be safe, Rupee wise.

    Pick Up: Well, SMP7 /town

    Please keep the posts about the book! If you want to chat, send me a PM! Post it on my wall!
  2. Sorry to double post, but the book isn't a short book.
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  3. :( sorry to see you go
  4. Bump....
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  5. Truthfully if it was around 3k I would buy it, but I can understand that sam needs the money:) Im really sad to see you go:(
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  6. So, are you interested?
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  7. I'll buy it for 7.5k.
  8. Ill buy the book for 20k
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  9. Where would you like me to drop it off?
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  10. Bump.
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  11. Rupees:29
    ima miss you pig, dont die on the dusty trail
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  12. This is really tragic. I'll remember the day I first followed you :) Good old times.
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  13. Still want it?
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  14. Why are u leaving :(
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  16. I would buy it for 200k but I don't have that much :( sorry to see you go
  17. I'm actually not leaving, and besides, I lost the book. :p