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  1. NOTICE: After this I will never sell or trade my head. This will be sold until mid-January and then never to anyone again

    Hello everyone,

    I recently announced a new empire good samaritan award in summer 2014 and right now I am in full money saving mode. I am selling my spawn res, sold all rares, and sold any valuables. I want to be able to raise the estimated 500k needed without taking in too many donations. I will be selling my heads to raise money. You decide what price you want to pay as long as it is greater or equal to 500r. The head will be renamed "Olaf_C GSA Head" and will come with a signed book saying it is the real deal and within the text is a special message which will be customized for each player. Please PM me if you are interested or post below. I will also deliver it to you for free. Use the following application and example to order.

    IGN: Steve
    Number of Heads: 1
    Price Paying: 10000r
    Delivery: 101 SMP1

    Please make price at least 500r and feel free to pay more if you are generous. Photo's of my head and an example certificate will be posted tomorrow.

    Completed Orders (awaiting pickup at 2124)
    • ironicswordplay
    Picked Up/delivered Orders
    • flamingpotato42
    • ToriDesu
    • MrUnknownian
    • netherworld666
    • slash14450
    • darkangledav
    • rainbowchin
    • deathconn
    • bitemenow15
    • samsimx
    • palmsugar
    • amusedstew
    • cadgamer101
    • _Stads_
    Work In Progress Orders
    • highlancer54
    • minecraft_owen
    • jimbosomething64
    • gadget_ad
    • princebee
    • Dj__Krazy
    • PlayTehMinecraft
    • qwerty189
    • mindlegokid
    • chascarrillo
    • mathew12hydro
    • CoDe4RiDeR
    • penfoldex
    • erikrodhi
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  2. IGN: Flamingpotato42
    Number of Heads: 1
    Price Paying: 1,000r
    Delivery: none
    I need one of these for my wall :) only good friends go up
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  3. Thank you for your purchase. I will get it to you tomorrow since it is late where i am
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  4. IGN: Dis Guy
    Number of Heads: I like to have a wall of my victims so 3
    Price: 1,800r
    Delivery: Naw No need frieeeeeeeend
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  5. 1800 for all 3 or 1800 per head?
  6. IGN: slash14459
    Number of Heads: 2
    Price: 2,000r (each)
    Delivery: I will pick it up where ever you wish me to.
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  7. thank you. tomorrow is when i will be able to get it to you.
  8. IGN: As seen slightly down and to the left
    Number of heads: 1
    Price: 2000 :)
    I can pick up almost anywhere.
    I like the clock head.
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  9. IGN: ToriDesu
    Number of Heads: 1
    Price Paying: 1,000r
    Delivery: 1386 smp1
    Welcome to the arch of heads :3
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  10. IGN: IronicSwordPlay
    Number of Heads: 1
    Price Paying: 1,500r
    Delivery: none (where do I pick it up from?)
    I need to improve my collection of player heads so yeah...
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  11. Olaf! Whats going on man!
    IGN: Highlancer54
    Number of Heads: 2
    Price Paying: 1,000r
    Delivery: SMP7
    I need some clocks around my res!

    I will just send you the payment immediately, deliver em whenever I see you.
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  12. IGN: <
    Number of Heads: 2
    Price Paying: 2500r each
    Delivery: 10398 smp5
    Can I ask for one to be renamed and the other plain, as I prefer the text like that.
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  13. 1 head
    cause wut tiem is it?
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  14. Uno Heads
    Ill pickup on all servers except 6.
    Can you keep the text not renamed for me?
    Thanks :)
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  15. 1 head
    Just set me up an access chest
    And can I have mine unnamed?
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  16. 1 head
    Please set up a chest for jimbosomething64
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  17. Thanks for all the orders everyone. I did not expect so many. I will get access chests set up on my res and I will trust you will all pay when you picked up the head. Due to all the orders I might not has enough xp to rename the heads.
  18. Hope I can get one before you stop!

    IGN: Gadget_AD
    1 head
    Amount: 1K
    Pickup: just make a chest wherever except Smp2 Thanks.
    If possible can I have mine not named. Thanks.
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  19. It cool, I dont need it renamed. I am all fuzzy if it was just normally named.
  20. IGN: (totally not right below that weird picture thingy)
    Heads: 1
    Pay: 1 rupee and this is not a grey text fail over 9000
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