[SELLING] Multiple Items of Varying Value on SMP6

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  1. Hello All. :D

    I am selling a few items that i am in no need of:
    • A Blizz Ard Eye: Starting Price is 50,000r
    • A Full Set of New Diamond Armor (Sword Included): Starting Price is 6,500r
    • 10 Bottles o' Enchanting: Starting Price is 550r
    • A New Year's EMC Firework: Starting Price is 250r
    If you are interested, fire away. If I got this right, you may auction here, so there's that. I will not go lower than these prices though. I will set up an access chest for those who will pay for the item(s). Thank you for your time and I hope to get in contact soon. This ends Wednesday night at 11:00PM Central Time.
  2. If I messed this one too, then I apologize in advance, yet again.
  3. Eh, it's alright. I'll edit it now. lol
  4. Ok that should be good! Tip, you should check the price of the Firework, since it is very low. Look at the price that other people have sold them for :)

    Edit: You should maybe also put in what year the firework is. It may be obvious for some but not maybe for all :)
  5. If you'd like, I'll buy the firework for 5,000 rupees :) (whatever year it's from, I suppose 2015/2016)
  6. Sure. Come to my res and I'll give it to ya after payment. =)
  7. Firework sold, I've payed, and received the item, thanks! :) Nice doing so incredibly quick business with you :p
  8. Temporarily offline guys. I'll be back on sooner or later. ^_^
  9. Please only bump your thread every 3 hours. This being after the last post by any player.
  10. Bump. After evaluating some prices, I've dropped the rupee count.
  11. Double-Bump. ^_^
  12. Selling closed. Thanks to TomvanWijnen and Frogy.