[SELLING] Momentus's Helmet

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  1. Ok, it's clearly stated in the title. I'm selling a Momentus's Helmet, I'm currently accepting offers on the forums and in-game and will be one until about 1 A.M.! Just a note, only REAL OFFERS! Thanks!
  2. 100k, will you bump the thread with the new best price?
  3. At the moment this is the only offer..... And also, considering how these have went for 1mil-600k I'd need a bit more.
  4. I'd be interested in seeing any auctions or threads where they have gone for this much. I have seen 325k max
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  5. Okay sure, I'll post them in a second!
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  6. Bidding War + They were Much Newer Then, people Wanted em. Its been some time, Quite a few more have been found sean. Just because it sold for 1 mil then doesnt mean it will sell for 1 mil now
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  7. I didn't expect 1 mil, I didn't say I expected 1 mil either, please don't just jump to conclusions and knock down my threads anymore in the future. Thanks!
  8. You are quite the testy person aren't you? Walrus added some information on this item and it was valid information regarding selling this item. If you're going to snap at everyone that posts on your threads, maybe you shouldn't make threads.
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  9. It's just that I can't stand when people do this to my posts. One time is fine. But TIME AND TIME AGAIN is different. And the same goes for you. It's like anytime you find my posts, you instantly bring up that I'm "testy" "rude" and whatever else you waste your time writing and my time because I read em. Please do not post this crap on anymore of my posts. Thanks.