[SELLING] Mob Spawners Galore

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  1. After a recent caving trip, I found quite a few spawners in a very confined area in the Frontier Wild of SMP3. They are all within a radius of about 90 blocks, and all of them are connected in some way to the same Cave & Abandoned Mineshaft.

    I'm looking to sell all of these spawners together since they are all very close to each other, and it would be merely impossible to sell just 1 without the buyer finding all of the other ones in the cave.

    The cave entrance/location of the spawners is about 1,500 blocks away from the Protected Wild Spawn. However, there is a slight possibility you could use my Minecart Track to safely cover about 1,000 of those blocks.

    What is being sold?

    Regular Spider Spawner x2 (Double) - They are 14 blocks away from each other, with a height difference of 6 blocks.
    Cave Spider Spawner x2 (Double) - They are about 16 blocks away from each other, with a height difference of 4 blocks.
    Skeleton Spawner x1 - This skeleton spawner is about 40 blocks away from the two Regular Spider Spawners.

    If you are interested in purchasing the location of these 5 spawners, please Private Message or leave a reply with a price range you believe is fair.


    P.S. - There would be one other Regular Spider Spawner, but I derped and got out of control with my Efficiency IV pick when collecting the Mossy Cobble.
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