[selling] Mob heads

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  1. so, as the title says I'm selling mob heads here is the list of heads I'm selling with the price:

    blaze head, 750r
    pig head, 2Kr
    cavespider head, 2Kr
    lavaslime head, 2Kr
    pigzombie head, 1Kr or 5 for 4.5Kr
    spider head 750r
    slime head, 2.5Kr
    zoblie head 100r or 10 for 900r
    cow head 2Kr
    chicken head 1.5Kr
    creeper head 500r or 5 for 2.4Kr

    this is the price of my shop (1145 strait on step on "all teleports", then the grand hall on your left, totaly on the back of it, a teleport "mob heads")
    But... when you're buying mob heads for over the 10Kr you'll get a FREE zombie head.
  2. Cow heads, pig heads, chicken heads are over priced
  3. oh, I have made thease prices almost a jear ago :p so I'll chanse it :D
  4. Yea, probably should get updated on prices :p
  5. prices updated :D
    The selling can start.
  6. bumb. (yes not Bring Up My Post(B.U.M.P.))
  7. bumb again...
  8. You do realize zombie pigmen heads are easy to get on smp3 gold farm