~/\{[SELlING]}/\~ Mob Arena Edition #001 Longbow

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  1. This was given out as a mob arena prize, before mob arena was cancelled. There are only two bows like this one and there are probably not going to be many coming up anytime soon, so it's super rare. I will post a picture in a bit.

    If you are interested, click here and we can discuss.
  2. So I'm guessing you want more than the 205k you got it for?
  3. Yeah, though I could accept a lesser amount of rupees and a trade of items.
  4. Theres actually a #002, so its not the 'only' bow for your information
  5. Wasn't aware until now, thanks edited.
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  6. Duuude you only just got diz...
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  7. Don't worry, I got my fair share of screenshots :p
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  8. Bump, still up for sale.
  9. I will pay you 250 olaf rubes. 1 olaf rubee=1 haro rubee. haro will get this
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  10. Me too :)
  11. Naw. 1 FDNY21 rubee= 0.0001 haro rubee
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  12. No it does not -.- meanie '_'
  13. Ha. no
  14. You should at least give me back that poop. I cannot believe I got 9r. I thought you were joking
  15. Then I want my 9 Haro rubees back ;D