[SELLING] Mirror's Edge

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  1. Hello everyone, today I am selling one game code for the origin game Mirror's Edge
    If you are interested in buying this game, Please PM Me
    And to all those wondering, this has been cleared by a moderator to be sold.
    NOTE: I do not want real money, I am looking for rupees.
  2. Note this is illegal to the EMC rules..!! rules.emc.gs
  3. Bump a few minutes earlier but gotta go to bed.
    Thanks tom.
    as states, this was cleared by a mod. Please keep posts on topic, as specifically mentioned that it is cleared by a mod.
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  4. What's this game about exactly?
  5. First person parkour stuff
  6. Parkour through a city, plot twist everyone hates you in the game
  7. Huh. I'm not that good at parkour.