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  1. Killed about 7 Marlix, and 5 Momentus and now selling...

    Marlix's Helmet x1
    - 70,000 Rupees.

    Marlix's Leggings x3
    - 80,000 Rupees Each.

    Marlix's Bow x3
    - 80,000 Rupees Each.

    Dirt Destroying Ticking Tock x2
    - 59,000 Rupees.

    Labor Bench (2015 Labor Day Promo) x2
    - 9,000 Rupees Each.

    Momentus's Toothpick x1
    - 70,000 Rupees.

    Total: 158,000 Rupees
    Please post a reply of which Items you wish to buy or PM if interested in any item, if you wish to negotiate a price, you may also PM me in-game. I will then Mail the Item once payment is received. Thanks.
  2. I suggest lowering price *just* a little. You can buy for 60k from a SS member, why should I buy from you? ;)
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  3. Good Point, I shall lower it to 59,000... Though considering it is an item, and if Staff wish to end the Service one day.
  4. I would buy a tick tock. Can we negotiate a price?
  5. Maybe, how much are you considering?
  6. Congrats on that loot man :eek:
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  7. Im shamelessly going to plug this in here /v +shiny will buy some of your items look for drmadfate on smp2
  8. Do you want rupees or will you trade? :p (Not interested in trading but curious in case an epidemic happens)
  9. Hey EntityAI,
    I am interested in purchasing one of the Dirt Destroying Ticking Tock's.
    I am currently only offering 55,000 rupees, can we make a deal ? :confused:
  10. Maybe... I currently have another buyer.

    What are you wishing to buy/trade?
  11. I'll take a dirt tock please!
  12. Sure, It will be mailed to you after Payment is received.
  13. EmpireMall has payed! Thanks!
  14. Any ticking tocks left? I'll take one for 59k if there is :)
  15. Yes, I'll mail it to you after payment.
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