[ Selling ] Mini Boss Drops and Promos

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Do you like the promo horses that are out so far?

Yes 10 vote(s) 71.4%
Kinda 4 vote(s) 28.6%
No 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. Like the title claims, i'm selling a few promos and mini boss drops. If you are interested in anything, PM me with the item(s) you are interested in purchasing and put down an offer. I will try to respond back to you asap. Will update over time. As soon as an item is sold, it will be updated. I may even accept trades. (If you have a trade, pm me what you would like to trade away and which item(s) you would like to recieve)

    *Please keep in mind that if you don't pm me and just post in this thread below, there is a possible chance that i will sell the item to a player who private messages me as i respond to private messages before comments.

    Looking to also buy used promo horses, have any for sale? just send me a pm :)

    Boss Drops:
    .Momentus's Toothpick (x1)
    .Drangon Stone (x27)

    .Cupid Arrow (x8 stacks)
    .Cupid Bow (x3)
    .Trick-or-Treat Bundle (x3) **SOLD**
    .Headless Horseman Axe (x3)
    .Headless Horseman Mask (x1) **SOLD**
    .Spooky Egg (x3)
    .Potato Plate (x1)
    .Mineral Mincer (x2) **SOLD**
    .Chicken Skewer (x2)
    .Feast for a King (x1)
    .Turkey Slicer (x4)
    .2015 Independence Day Firework (x1)
    .2014 *Empire Firework*, New Years (x2)
    .2014 Labor Bench (x2)
    .2015 Labor Bench (x5)
    .Taste The Freedom (x3)
    .Pi Pie(x1) **SOLD**
    .Blizz Ard's Nose (x3)
    .2015 Avalauncher (x3)
    .<Dasher> Unused (x3) *Mainly looking to trade for used Dashers or other promo horses*
    .2015#Empire Firework#, New Years (x2)
  2. I am buying these for 12k. I wouldn't mind taking both?
    How much for these?
  3. Please send a pm. Thanks Haro
  4. How much for one stack of cupid arrows?
  5. How much for the pie?
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  6. 10k for the 2015 labor bench
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  8. Bump Merry Christmas and happy holidays!
  9. Bump Happy New Year!
  10. How much for the "Headless Horseman Axe"?
  11. Please private message me an offer. Thanks jjp360.