[Selling] Meteor bows

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  1. 10x Meteor bows 11k each
    Hoping these would sell like lucky bows in the future but due to low demand I'm only raising the price by 1k
  2. Not sure why those weren't more popular. I kinda like them. Lots of fun.
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  3. The lucky bow was unbreaking x with some damage modified stats like fire I think. The meteor bow is only unbreaking therfore it's only pupurpose is to be a regular bow that lasts longer.
  4. The meteor bow also shoots a firework in your inventory. It looks cooler than the cupid bow IMO, although the cupid bow lasts longer on the target. Then again, the cupid bow didn't rise that much.

    Keep in mind - the lucky bow's looting V works with just punching so you can use it forever at wither farms and stuff and it will never break.
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  5. I'm happy enough with the voters sword at looting III