[SELLING] Max Res Voucher

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  1. These now cost $50USD on empireminecraft.com/upgrade. $50 gets you 609,375 rupees.
    I'm selling for even less than that!

    600k. Use this thread or PM me here or in-game.

    Don't hesitate to make an offer.

    I will also trade for diamond/gold vouchers.

    These will likely only go up in value in the near future.
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  2. As you can see, this is no ordinary Max Res Upgrade Voucher. Just take a look for yourself:

    Max Res Voucher.jpg

    This is what a Max Res Voucher can do.


    Here is my Max Res Voucher on the wall


    This is from when my Max Res Voucher learned to milk a cow.


    My Max Res Voucher hanging out with a snow golem.


    Max Res trying to be a snow golem.


    Max Res in its natural habitat. Clouds.


    My Max Res Upgrade swimming in the creek.


    My Max Res Upgrade playing hide-and-seek in the garden.


    Max Res being wielded by a creeper!


    From when Max Res went deep sea diving.

    *No Max Res Upgrade Vouchers were harmed during this photo shoot, but one was nearly lost in the ocean.

    Max Res Upgrade and I have had some fun times together and some bad times too, but through it all I could not forget that it was worth seven-hundred thousand rupees, and now we just have to go our separate ways.
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  3. I think that 600k is a little bid to high.

    I will pay 350k for it.
  4. I would buy this but I am at 4/2 lol it wouldn't do me good
  5. It would if you buy 2 of them or earn one more res, which Aikar has said might be at vote lvl 100 or 20k tokens.
    If you ever want to move, you'll have to get your hands on 2 somehow. Theoretically, they're investments anyway.
    Just sayin':)
  6. You are selling these for more in another thread.
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  7. He's just trying to buy everyone out cheaper and sell high on his own and make big profits.
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  8. Yeah he's been at that a while.

    Very well, everyone. I will reprice this.
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  9. Well there is that and all my reses are exactly where I want them so there is no need for me to move lol
  10. Sold!

    I have one more and will sell that too. Keeping the same thread going.

  11. Buying this from a player is now the only way to obtain an extra residence.

  12. Still available.
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  13. Very well. My mistake. I'm getting mixed messages.
    Still for sale.
  14. INVISIBUMP...if you use the default colors.
  15. I will buy when I have the cash ig
  16. Sold. Thanks everyone.
  17. I got my hands on another one, so I'm just re-using this old thread.
  18. I'll buy for 375k ;P